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The Scale of Things….

January 28, 2008 1 comment


I was looking around our good `ol interweb most of the day, looking at my favourite places (and playing my favourite games…ssshhh!) and reading my favourite blogs, most of which are listed down there on the right. So I end up wondering about the nature of things, well, everything really, …as you do…. and thought maybe I should have a breather from the heaviness-of-the-cosmos-on-a-sunday and go surfing-in-the-sea-of-normality for a change. So I click on my one of my all time favourite web-buttons, “Stumbleupon” and get taken straight back to the heaviness-of-the-cosmos-on-a-sunday routine! But I was so glad about it because this really does put us, humanity, our world-as-we-know-it, into serious perspective and though I have seen this sort of idea a few times before, I have never seen it done quite so simply and effectively as this. Take a look at this, see what you think,  Dick Hardt-Blame Canada  Make sure you scroll down and maybe read the comments, it really kinda knocks you for six. Two of the comments stood out to me, one person saying that from the smallest of the known atoms(quark) to the largest of our known stars we figure to be around the middle and the other, more disturbing one, saying that they thought all stars were mostly the same size….. Serious food for thought here methinks….

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