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for Michael

June 18, 2008 6 comments

Sorry have not been around too much over the last couple of months, a lot has happened though and some of it affecting me in a bad way. I gave a lot of thought about writing this little posting and thought, what the hell, its my blog, I`ll do it anyway….. I just did`nt want to hurt those people that I hold close so they`ll have to forgive me for writing this…..

A very very close friend passed away last month, someone that I held dearly close. I won`t talk of the why`s and wherefores and what happened but I will share one thing about this man, who I regarded as family. His name is Michael and he was Uncle to my daughter and my ex wife`s younger brother and he was a lovely man. He had become, by unfortunate chance I suppose, our family “mover”!! He always seemed to get lumbered with the job of moving people to and fro from property to property!! He had helped my daughter move about 3 times and we used to joke a lot that Michael could get more stuff into a car than we ever thought humanly possible!! A definete Guinness Book of Records contender! So about 2 or 3 months ago we were helping my daughter move to a new apartment and Michael and I were alone in his car, full of stuff of course, and he told me basically his philosophy on life and its troubles. Listening to him was an experience I won`t forget and don`t want to. His view was utterly simple, if you could do someone a favour you just did it, simple. It almost did`nt matter what the personal cost, if it was possible for you to do it, you did it, and thats it. Simple stuff? Sounds like it, sounds like something we should all be doing anyway does`nt it? Michael took this very simple belief and made it something special, he did extraordinary things for people for little or no reward or thanks and he did`nt mind one bit. I told him, in the car that day, that what he was doing was very Spiritual to which he basically replied,”….well I don`t know about that but it  is`nt  that  *&^*ing hard is it! To which we both had a good laugh!

So God Bless you Mike and hold you close and God Bless his Mum and Dad and older sister, who is going thru` much of her own troubles still. God Bless his children too and give them all strength to carry on………….. Cya on the other side Mike, you and my son better be ready to throw a good party!!

My Thanks to Deb who left me a comment and reminded me of the pic I inserted above of the Candle for Michael. I should have credited the source of this pic and I do so gladly now!  This has come from a lovely site which I will add to my “blogrollfor future reference…..

Light a Candle for someone special

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