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January Blues?

January 22, 2008 4 comments

Spirit within Me

Ah well, tis January again, a new year starts, lots of folk seem to shift and move their thoughts and feelings around this time, new jobs, new ideas, new resolutions, how will it all go I wonder? Lots of folk I reckon are going to change something in their lives this year to better themselves and their own, its always a challenge. I remember when working I dreaded this time for a lot of reasons, my employer always looking to reduce costs at this time, it was like clockwork, no matter how good a year we had up to that time, it was always never quite good enough and so the belt-tightening routine came into play….and this remained a constant…every year. Its quite strange how this always comes into my mind at this time of the year. A series of actions, seen as a positive but almost always ending up as negative, a serious anomaly! Strange stuff eh? So, make your actions for this coming year positive-only-please, with no downside! Does this sort of thing happen in your workplace?

You will by now ( I hope!) have noticed the graphic? Click on it to find the reasons behind it, its all good and in the spirit of the new year I believe? Should you wish to use this graphic on your own blog/place then feel free to do so? I did it like this so you could add in a face underneath or something of relevance to you… If you want to do this but can`t or don`t know how then I`ll try it for you, just let me know?

So January never feels like the greatest of months to me, especially from the weather viewpoint, cos its horrendously grey and wet here! I got a bit of bad news too re. a memorial site I did for James at It seems they had a server problem sometime in Nov. which ended up in them losing all the photos I had uploaded there so finding this out did`nt enamour me to the New Year too! Feel a bit gutted about it actually, so I asked them to take the rest down as without the pics it did`nt really mean a lot. I could have re-uploaded and done it all again but for some reason just could`nt bring myself to do it…. ah well, c`est la vie eh?

Edit : Just discovered that this post was written on “Blue Monday”, evidently our most depressing day of the year! How insane is that!? I`d never heard of the term being used to describe an actual day! (great song though….!) So is this a case for celebration?? Duh!


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