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March marching on……

March 22, 2008 8 comments

James and Trouble

Just thought I`d get this off my chest cos its been on it all day long, just to remember my son, James, aka Dredwerk, who passed over 6 years ago today…. Still seems like yesterday to me even though more and more water keeps passing under that bridge, time seems to hold little meaning at these junctures of causality. Strange thing March, hard to think sometimes of the family that passed over this month in the past…. strange coincidences abound here.. My dad passed on the 11th March, my son passed on the 21st and my dads sister, the bestist Auntie in the whole world passed on the 31st. All in March..10 days..10 days..10 days.. Am I the only one to think this strange?

God Bless them all, I know they are there, I know they are ok and in a whole other place of  consciousness … I will wait for my turn, “……. its just a little time”