January Blues?

January 22, 2008 4 comments

Spirit within Me

Ah well, tis January again, a new year starts, lots of folk seem to shift and move their thoughts and feelings around this time, new jobs, new ideas, new resolutions, how will it all go I wonder? Lots of folk I reckon are going to change something in their lives this year to better themselves and their own, its always a challenge. I remember when working I dreaded this time for a lot of reasons, my employer always looking to reduce costs at this time, it was like clockwork, no matter how good a year we had up to that time, it was always never quite good enough and so the belt-tightening routine came into play….and this remained a constant…every year. Its quite strange how this always comes into my mind at this time of the year. A series of actions, seen as a positive but almost always ending up as negative, a serious anomaly! Strange stuff eh? So, make your actions for this coming year positive-only-please, with no downside! Does this sort of thing happen in your workplace?

You will by now ( I hope!) have noticed the graphic? Click on it to find the reasons behind it, its all good and in the spirit of the new year I believe? Should you wish to use this graphic on your own blog/place then feel free to do so? I did it like this so you could add in a face underneath or something of relevance to you… If you want to do this but can`t or don`t know how then I`ll try it for you, just let me know?

So January never feels like the greatest of months to me, especially from the weather viewpoint, cos its horrendously grey and wet here! I got a bit of bad news too re. a memorial site I did for James at Respectance.com. It seems they had a server problem sometime in Nov. which ended up in them losing all the photos I had uploaded there so finding this out did`nt enamour me to the New Year too! Feel a bit gutted about it actually, so I asked them to take the rest down as without the pics it did`nt really mean a lot. I could have re-uploaded and done it all again but for some reason just could`nt bring myself to do it…. ah well, c`est la vie eh?

Edit : Just discovered that this post was written on “Blue Monday”, evidently our most depressing day of the year! How insane is that!? I`d never heard of the term being used to describe an actual day! (great song though….!) So is this a case for celebration?? Duh!


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Christmas Remembrance

December 14, 2007 8 comments


Here comes Christmas.. I really don`t know how I feel about Christmas anymore, its very strange. It used to be just the most greatest time of year to me but it is`nt anymore and in late November I start to dread the oncoming of the festive season. Yet it comes along, all the singing and dancing, good food and good cheer leading inevitably toward the start of another year …

Its been a time of great change this latter part of the year for me.. relationships of family members at an end, though at least not the friendship which is so important, not something I wish to “iron out” in public, though it has affected me in more ways than one… and so Christmas will be unlike the festive seasons of the few past years and though this is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just … different. Seems to me the older we get the more “routine” plays its part and moving out of it seems somehow … weird!

I was reading thru` my son`s last writings and came across a piece he wrote in 2001, he would have been 17 when he put this down and I thought it was a very inspiring piece of writing for his age and so I decided to publish it here, in entirety, for all to read and maybe take notice of this Christmas. I feel sure he would not mind, he has published several other pieces of writing similar to this on deviantArt so I feel very proud to be able to show this, for the first time, warts and all, on my own blog…..

Prose No.1 version 1

comment: This is inspired by several people, writers and someone I think is a writer! Its not very good …..

“STOP, yes, STOP! I`d just like you to take a moment and reflect. Right now you`re sat somewhere reading this. Are you eating or drinking something you normally eat or drink? If so, have some slowly, feel the textures,smell the aromas, let your taste buds get a good taste. Something you don`t normally do … you eat and run. I think its about time we all sat back and realised what we have.

We`re cruising along in life not realising the potential we all have, each day. We fear whats to come tomorrow, we regret what was yesterday but we ignore today. And today you`ll go through what you felt yesterday and tomorrow.

Appreciate whats today, the potential you have. Make a change, stand up, and shout. Shout anything you like. Express yourself, tell people you love them, like friends and family. Step back from that computer, turn the tv off. Talk and appreciate people.

We take SO MUCH for granted, the air we breathe, food we eat, bus drivers, that sexy blonde at the local shop .. and family and friends. Over this Christmas spend as much time as possible with the things you love (or should love) as you just don`t know when its gonna get taken away from you….

And remember what the great John and Paul said …


in remembrance of George Harrison. “

So there you go, a few lovely words from my son for Christmas, we miss him terribly, especially at this time of the year, Christmas has never been the same since he left us and it just brings the pain back to the forefront every year. But we live with it now, we have to, there is`nt any choice in the matter. The pic above was sent to me soon after James passed by Jsampson and I took the liberty of adding in the pic of James and his “dred” icon, click on it to see it larger if you should wish. I am eternally grateful to jsampson for this tribute… So everyone who may be reading, have a great Christmas celebration and may this time, indeed, all times, be filled with Peace and Love!


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7777!! Done it again!

November 23, 2007 5 comments

7777   Okay, so how weird and wonderful is this then! I wrote a kind of meaningless post some time ago about how funny it was to visit your own site while being visitor no. 6666 …. and I went and done it again! I just visited my own site and theres the number 7777! I`m sorry, but is this just me being completely daft about silly small things or what? You see, last time, at 6666, I thought it was a fun thing and actually thought to myself, maybe I should run a little competition to see who can hit the 7777 mark! The thing is, it most certainly gave me the impetus to write something again … and for that I`m thankful!

I do use my own blog to visit all my other blogging friends and read their posts, so I suppose I am on my own page maybe a coupla times a day but I thought WordPress did`nt count your own visits? Or is that only when you`re logged in? I never really thought about it too much though now I want to find out . So if any of my friends know about this please let me know? So how do you visit all the other places you like to read? Do you have like a zillion bookmarks/favourites or do you simply click links in your own blog? Actually, I`d really like to know this!? Weird or what?

Anyway, 7777, I like that number, it has a better feel than 6666..apart from being bigger of course! So what do we do with 8888? If I personally hit that I`m gonna have a heart attack, I kid you not!


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Remembrance Sunday

November 11, 2007 10 comments

Vic Ted Iris Rex 1940


I thought I would take the opportunity to just remind folk that here in blighty its the time of the year when we pay tribute to all the folk who fought in the greatest conflict in history. Its “Poppy Day” as I fondly remember it. I was`nt alive back then and know that most of us were`nt, the survivors of the Second World War are growing ever smaller simply because of age and the parades thru` the various towns and cities grows smaller in number accordingly so I write this “Lest we forget”…

I don`t want to write a huge tribute/memorial type of post, there are people out there far better than me at expressing this better, I just don`t want us to forget all who died in this conflict ….

God Bless `em all …

The pic above shows my my family during the conflict, in 1940. From left to right, My Uncle Vic, my Dad(Ted), my Auntie Iris and Uncle Rex in the back garden at my Aunties house where she lived with her brother, Rex. You can just see at the right of them the mound covered with lines of flowers and at the top some bricks. This was their air-raid shelter where they spent many a long night as the bombs fell very near by. The shelter remained in her garden til at least 2003 when sadly my Auntie passed over. The only one still with us is Uncle Vic ….

red poppy

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October 15, 2007 13 comments

 axle awakesquirrelaxle asleep

 Well, here we are on another Sunday, a very grey day over here but warm as usual which is a bit weird as its obviously nearly half way thru` Oct and we should be getting our winter woolies out prepared for general everyday wear. Instead we have such mild weather now I can`t quite get my head around it and am still able to wander about with just a lightweight jacket on most of the time…  only in between the rain of course! Today has been “standable” though, no real rainfall of any sort for a change, just “greyness” which lays like a blanket over this land seemingly for most of the time, especially this “summer” !

So I did not-alot-of-anything today which sometimes is very pleasureable and just retreated into a cocoon-like zone but took the pics above to prove I was still alive and not the only one retreating into a sleep-state… even the squirrel pictured sat on my rear fence and just “doped-out” for a full 10 minutes which I`ve never seen a squirrel do before! I`m sorry to all those out there that consider squirrels a pest nowadays but I still  like `em!  So, what does everyone else do on a Sunday? The interweb seems a quieter place over the weekend too, there never seems to be much “traffic” anywhere … so where is everyone? Its quite a nice feeling really cos it must mean that people and families get together to “do” things which I know must seem remarkably obvious to everyone but when you`re at home at each day and they all become the same the weekend comes as quite a relief somehow … so, “What Did YOU Do last Weekend”? (sounds like a movie!)


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United Blogging to Stop Abuse

September 27, 2007 10 comments

UnitedBloggingToStopAbuse abuse verb (abused, abusing) 1 to use (one’s position, power, etc) wrongly. 2 to misuse something, especially to use (drugs) improperly. 3 to treat someone or something cruelly or wrongly. 4 to betray (a confidence). 5 to speak rudely or insultingly to or about someone. noun 1 wrong use of one’s position, power, etc. 2 (also drug abuse) the excessive use of alcohol, drugs or other harmful substances, especially as distinguished from the more severe form of dependence known as addiction. 3 bad or cruel treatment of someone or something. 4also child abuse) the physical, mental or emotional maltreatment of a child by one of its parents or another adult. 5 an evil or corrupt practice. 6 rude or insulting words said to or about someone.ETYMOLOGY: 15c: from Latin abusus, past participle of abuti to misuse.

I came across the badge above when visiting  Rubyshooz`s A Piece of Peace  and you can find the post  here  A great idea and one that could make a difference, so if anyone is reading this and doing a bit of blogging…go have a look and a think about it. I always like to look up ordinary words like abuse when they`re focussed on because we kind of take them for granted these ordinary small words that we see so often. So I`m glad of dictionaries sometimes cos they make quite a difference when you see, spelled out, what the word really entails……  Abuse is such a small word too and yet encompasses an awful lot. So I`m not going to concentrate on a type of abuse but rather how much of it there is. And there is too is`nt there? Its everywhere, all the time…and the thing is…we all do it! We all abuse something at some point in time, whether it be trust, friends, partners, people, animals, things, objects, places…even time! How strange and weird is that! Its something that we all do..we Abuse something!! I find that hard to digest somehow. I just wanted to maybe get across the idea that we should take a minute and think pretty hard about this small word..and all it entails and what we can do about it to make this planet a better place, just to give a little thought about our own behavior and attitude towards….everything! What a tough call eh? Yet with a small effort we could quite possibly make a big difference to ourselves as humans…just a little thought and integrity is all thats required…so give it a go, think of all those different ways we abuse ourselves and others and knock the amount down one or two notches…it will make a difference to the World!


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September 8, 2007 26 comments


Oh, come off it! Only I could visit my own web-blog thingy and be this visitor number!! I mean, c`mon, its a joke right? Right ? Seriously, I thought it was hilarious actually, I mean, I fully realize the magic no. is only three sixes but it makes it even more daft to visit on the fourth one does`nt it??

And so, staying with a “dark” theme throughout I was thinking about pain. Yep, pain as in emotional or physical and how we describe it to someone else when we`re suffering from it….I mean, you cut your finger, mutter an expletive or three while stammering about how much the thing hurts and then you just kind of shut up about it don`t you? But you`ve not really described the pain involved? You did`nt say something like, “oh crap, that cut in my epidermis is real sharp and stinging like mad”! One of the best ways I`ve seen it described is when someone you know, who is quite averse to swearing, suddenly lets rip with a serious volume of expletives about it. Then you know how much its hurting them! Yet if you were to try and describe the opposite..pleasure…it would seem to come across much more effectively as we tend to liken pleasure with a myriad of other seemingly “pleasurable” experiences that we have all shared somewhere along life`s line. Do you know what I`m getting at here as its all a bit “out there” somehow but I think very true. Pain to us as individuals is incredibly hard to describe somehow.

I realize too that at this moment many people everywhere are in pain and yet if you asked them to write out what it actually feels like it would be just as hard as the pain is! It is a real difficult sensation to describe, obviously we all have different thresholds of our feelings and yet pain is the one I personally would find very difficult to describe to someone else. I know in hospitals and doctors they ask whether the pain is sharp or dull and things like that but it is`nt either of those in a lot of cases…it just…hurts! Weird!


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