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Scarborough, fairly quickly!!

Castle WallsCastle remnantsScarborough Castle Walls

My good friend and close cousin Andy whisked me out to join him in a round trip to one of our favourite east coast holiday towns, Scarborough, on weds this week. As it was a business trip for Andy I fully realised there was not going to be a lot of time for sightseeing as he also had to be in another part of the country a few hours later also! Still, its the trip that counts as we can both put the world to rights while drinking coffee and at least sort the nations problems out fairly easily……

So we started off on a fairly grim looking grey day which by 9am turned into a brilliant sun-filled coldish March day and arrived at Scarborough approx 11am-ish. After dropping me at our pre-arranged meeting point Andy was off to do his business and I knew that I would have about an hour or thereabouts to have a quick look around. I also knew that I really wanted to get a close up look of the old castle walls and the view over the North Coast which from pics I`d seen looked impressive, so after a rapid working out if I could manage it thought I`d give it a go – it looked to be about a mile away. Went up into the town first to buy a much needed little item and then across to the castle wall, very easily done too though I had to stop on the climb to the town to get some oxygen!

Just the view out over the North Bay was a good enough reason to take it on, very impressive and alot higher than I imagined and the weather was glorious! Last time I was in Scarborough it was covered in snow! The remnants of the castle and walls, evidently dating back to the 13th century were amazing too – if you want to know more, stick “scarborough castle” in Google and have a good look! Well worth it! After viewing Ann Brontes gravestone in a beautiful church yard at the top in the shadow of the walls I made my way fast as I could down to the beach and across it to our meeting point and within 200 yards of it the phone rang to inform me he was ready! Excellent timings by all! Could`nt have worked out better! That was Scarborough then, very fast very brief but very rewarding, would`nt have missed it for anything!

to see some more, indeed, all the shots I managed to get, have a look in my Picasa web album

meeting point under footbridgefrom the beachon the beach..

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  1. March 16, 2007 at 4:41 pm

    Your pictures came out wonderful, Charles. And, you know how jealous I am. Kidding. I am glad you got to get away for a bit.

  2. March 16, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    Thanks lorri! Well it was your original pics that gave me the push to get up there and have a look! Thats the real truth of it!

  3. March 16, 2007 at 8:01 pm

    Oh, really??!! Wow, thanks.

    Your cemetery shot, with the steps, is an exact one of the one I took in the spring…almost three years back.

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