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Weights and Measures

ceeque.gifOk, Big Post, sorry….but this started `cos I was thinking about being dead! Bit off the wall? You bet! This is one of those..”profound” posts that come to people every now and then and I thought this was rather different!
See, I was sitting here thinking, “when you`re dead, does Eternity exist?” Because I was also thinking it must get decidedly boring if you`ve got forever stretched out in front of you. Then of course, my brain decided to kick in with its 2pence worth and I thought, “wait a minute, does`nt time only exist in a physical reality?” Heavy yeah? But fun too!!
Time is just one of our forms of measurement is`nt it? So then I`m thinking, measurement…measurement…we`ve got absolutely everything you can nearly think of measured out to the limit! We weigh it up…and then we measure it, everything. We`ve completely mapped out our physical universe, charted it, logged it, rationalised it, worked it out…everything is weighed and measured. As human beings this is what we do, constantly, consciously and subconsciously, we weigh and measure everything! All the time!!
Typical example, real easy, I go to my local mall every 2/3(weighed and measured) days to get food, I walk there, it takes 10/15 minutes (measured) at an easy stroll. I weigh up the weather before I go, do I need a coat, how much money am I carrying, do I wait til the rain stops? (all weighing and measuring). Okay, nearly there now, have crossed 3 busy-ish roads, I`m pausing, waiting, delaying crossing them so as to avoid my bloodshed and their cars turning red, I`m weighing and measuring it all up of course….in the mall now, its quite busy, so now I`m weighing and measuring all the time, distances between people, the speed they`re moving, directions, so I don`t bang into them….I weigh up the queue in the bread shop and instantly decide to chance for a better queue on the way out, I`ll be back this way…The Supermarket!!!! Weighing and Measuring Heaven!!! In here, w+m rules absolutely!!! Distances, prices, value, amounts, quality, weight, size, time taken, everything consciously and subconsciously weighed up and measured!
We weigh and measure everything, all the time, and we don`t even know we`re doing it most of the time…I think this is quite strange, do you? Is it a normal routine that we should do this?
So I came a loonng way from thinking of the biggest measure of all, Eternity, to how we see things in everyday life but I think its got some kinda relevancy!! What do you think? Is this just a pile of crap or is it more than that?


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  1. February 10, 2007 at 4:46 pm

    Very good post, so thought provoking. Another thought that boggles my human mind is outer space, it is never ending just going on and on. Things like this and eternity seem beyond my human grasp.
    You are so right in saying we measure everything in our daily lives. It has become so ingrained into our thinking we do it without thinking, which is I suppose why we or at least I can’t grasp the concept of anything that is not measurable.
    Things such as this that I do not understand in this world, I hope to in the next.
    Thank you for posting this

  2. February 10, 2007 at 5:34 pm

    Thanks Bill! It felt a bit `out there` doing this but I think its got relevence to us. Hope you ok at the mo? Strength and Love to you all!

  3. February 14, 2007 at 6:17 pm

    It is relevant to us, Charles, and gives us something to ponder. We weigh and measure, as a normal course of our lives. It is almost innate, within us, to do so. Think about cave people, living with their senses, sight, sound, touch, hearing, taste, without it, they would not have survived. They used their senses, and the space and time continuum to figure out seasons, days, hours, etc.

    Space and time coexist together, and for me, that is eternal.

    I believe in eternity, I must, it is a part of my being. Without that belief, then life is meaningless, for me. I must believe that I will once again, see those in the beyond.

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