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5 Years on

ceeque1.gif Its the 12th Sept, just gone 5 in the morning here in England right now, so I`m a little brain-addled as I suppose I should be trying to go to sleep – I`m truly tired…but can`t sleep-which is pretty “normal” for me these days! So if some of this input sounds ragged….well, you know why!

As the title suggests, 9-11 is the focus. The tv and media have focused alot on this terrible event in the recent week. I`ve seen some, not all, of the documentaries on the tv and have been very moved by some of the footage shown.

We all seem to know what we were doing at the time of the attack, it comes back very easily.

While I mourn the loss of life in all its forms I can`t help but wonder at the state of us homo sapiens – we`ve been on this planet, evolving and growing for a few thousand years now and we still can`t manage to live with one another in peaceful co-existance. I would have thought we could have learned some basic stuff in this time but we don`t appear to have do we? As individuals most of us profess a pretty good attitude to the worlds problems but as countries we suck!

There just seems to be an unlimited amount of hatred/enmity for an “opposing” voice/viewpoint. Why? Technologically, we`re doing pretty well it seems, after all, we develop weapons that can destroy the whole planet, intricate electronics that save us time and effort and medicines are always getting better…yet socially, we have alot to learn…….

Its not a lecture, just a point of view…God Bless all who have suffered thru` humanities unwillingness to live with each other…and I really don`t mind who your God is either!


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  1. October 15, 2006 at 7:49 am

    vow nice blog..
    and thanks for ur comments..

  2. October 15, 2006 at 11:52 pm

    …and a thanks back at ya for stopping by indianpics, 🙂

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