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WindowsLiveWriter..just testing…

…just thought I`d try out this newbie from the Windows stable…its a freebie, so if you`ve got the .net framework installed already, give it a go? Not being an expert in these things I`ll be interested to see how easy it is and if it works out as planned..we`ll see in a few mins no doubt…

How do other people get on with all this new WindowsLive stuff..and the new IE7 beta? Internet Explorer has always been one of my worse nightmares..I hated IE6 with a vengeance, in fact I hated it more than I hate liver…and I really hate that stuff!!!

I recently tried out WindowsLivemail, the new ubiquitous hotmail service, it was terrible to me, like watching paint dry, you know, sitting there tapping fingers around waiting for the thing to load your junk mail up..then not being able to select those that you wanted to quickly dispose of as they`d done away with the damn checkboxes!! Whose insane idea was that!? So you`re forced into reading/opening junkmail before you can take any action against it! Then to cap it all, in the options somewhere, you can switch the view to the classic Hotmail style, yes, complete with checkboxes!!! So to countermand that bit of commonsense, everytime you open Hotmail you get a nag screen asking whether you really want to view your mail like this or go back to the really wonderful Livemail view….I mean, give us a break!! How do they manage to get things this wrong? They`ve made reading your crapmail so laborious and slow its embarrassing….I suppose it being a beta will make everything ok??!!

In other ways, its really nice….you can change the colours for everything and where you`d like the various panels to sit on your screen… but the point of it..your actual emails…they`ve made so laborious. They seem to continually miss the point somehow…..bless `em!

….WindowsLive writer? Well it totally screwed up this entries text wrapping around my little angel gif at the top- had to redo that bit in WordPress, so it looks a bit of a no-no at the mo-mo…but yet again – it looked really nice!!!


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  1. August 23, 2006 at 5:47 pm

    I will stick with firefox and with my current email account.


  2. August 23, 2006 at 11:33 pm

    Hi Lorri, yep, don`t blame you!
    Firefox still rules! Mind you, have you tried Flock yet? I must admit, after reading Scotts review and going and trying it, I love it!
    Hope you`re ok?

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